Kindergarten Colts Tips

Drop Off

-For the first day of school, parents are allowed to walk their child directly to their classroom beginning at 7:30 am.

-After the first day of school, you will say goodbye to your child in front of the school. You will need to sign in at the front office if you need to go inside the building.

-If your child arrives between 7:30 and 7:40 am, they will go to the cafeteria with the other kindergarteners. A kindergarten teacher will walk the students to their classrooms at 7:40 am. They can bring something quietly do to while they wait, such as read a book.

-If your child arrives between 7:40 and 7:50 am, they can walk directly to their classroom.

-You can use the carpool line to drop off or you can park your car and walk your child up to the front door, but please do not park in the teacher lot.  Here is a pdf of the carpool/parking instructions.

-Students should arrive no later than 7:50 am. Your child will be considered tardy at 7:51 am and will need to enter through the front office.

Pick Up

-Kindergarteners dismiss on the front porch and wait with their class.  They dismiss at 2:50 pm, a few minutes before the whole school is dismissed.

-Your child will remain next to their teacher until they have found you. Students will let their teacher know you are there through giving a high five, hug, etc.

-If you drive through the carpool line, it is your child’s responsibility to watch for your car. 

-If your child is going home with someone other than you, please call the front office or send a note to your child’s teacher.

-If your child is sick, a handwritten note needs to be delivered to the office within three days of your child returning to school.

-If you are taking a vacation or missing school, notify the teacher as soon as possible. You will need to deliver a handwritten note to the office within three days of your child’s return. Please note that these will be unexcused absences.


-Make sure your child wears tennis shoes on PE days.

-A change of clothes to keep in your child’s locker might still be a great precaution as they get used to the kinder routine.

-Most girls like to keep a light cardigan in their backpacks and the boys can bring a sweatshirt (classrooms can get chilly). Make sure it is labeled with your child’s first and last name.

-Spaghetti straps are not allowed.


-Lunch can be brought to school or bought in the cafeteria.

-To buy lunch: Visit to set up an account for your child. They will receive a PIN number to use when purchasing lunch. 

-Your child will need to bring two snacks daily. Please make sure they are not messy and your child is able to open them independently. Snacks should be separate from the lunch box. 

-Water bottles are allowed inside the classroom. They can be taken to lunch with them.

-If you want to visit for lunch, you will need to complete a background check through RISD. You need to sign in at the front office and you can eat at the visitor’s tables in the front of the cafeteria. 

-Please, no lunch visitors until after Labor Day so we can learn the rules and procedures in the cafeteria. We do not allow lunch visitors during STAAR testing.

-The first two days of school, teachers will sit with the classes to support them and teach expectations. Cristi Boyle will monitor the students in the cafeteria the following weeks with other support staff. 

School Supplies

-School supplies can be purchased through the PTA at the end of the school year and is distributed to the teachers. Please note, this is a convenience for Mohawk families and is preferred by our teachers. 

-If you did not purchase a supply pack, please purchase the items listed for your child's grade and have them bring with them the first day of school.  A supply list can be found here.

-Kindergarten teachers usually organize all of the supplies together and replenish the stash as needed.

Back Pack suggestions:

- water bottle

- light jacket or sweater

- lunch box

- change of clothes to store in locker

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