A great way to stay connected is to "Like" our Mohawk PTA Facebook page and follow Mohawk PTA on Instagram.  You can also find more information on the Mohawk RISD Facebook page.



Another way to connect is to join the Facebook group for your child's grade.  Click on the links below to find each grade level's closed group.  Once you request to join, one of the admins for that group will "approve" your request. These closed grade level Facebook groups are not Mohawk Elementary PTA related, they are maintained by parents in the Mohawk area neighborhoods.


Kindergarten Mohawk Kindergarten 2021-2022
First Grade Mohawk First Grade 2021-2022
Second Grade Mohawk Second Grade 2021-2022  
Third Grade Mohawk Third Grade 2021-2022  
Fourth Grade Mohawk Fourth Grade 2021-2022
Fifth Grade Mohawk Fifth Grade 2020-2021  
Sixth Grade Mohawk Sixth Grade 2021-2022


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