The ABC’s Of Mohawk Elementary 

Back to School Meet & Greet:  Usually held the Friday before school starts.  Parents will hear from the Principal and PTA President and hopefully, students will have received their teacher assignments that week and are able to meet their teacher! Spirit Wear will be available to purchase, but you can also skip the lines and order your Spirit Wear online.

Boo-Hoo Yahoo Coffee: Held for parents on the first day of school at 7:50 am in the cafeteria.  Join other moms and dads after drop-off to cheer or cry on each other’s shoulders!

Barnes and Noble Library Fundraiser: An annual fundraiser supporting our library and librarian, Ms. Douglas. (This is not a PTA sponsored fundraiser.) It is usually held in December and proceeds benefit our library!

Box Tops: You earn cash for Mohawk by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products and turning them into the school. Send your Box Tops in a plastic baggie to your child’s teacher. Moms get together on the first Monday of the month at 8:00 am in the cafeteria to sort and prepare the Box Tops to be sent in. Bring your coffee and younger children and join the fun!

Career Day:  Held in December, the day focuses on encouraging children to create goals for both higher education and careers of interest.  Parent speakers are invited to come and talk to students about their professional careers.

Carnival: A carnival sponsored by the PTA held in October at Mohawk Elementary with games, bounce houses, slides, music and food.  Fun for all ages! 

Cha Cha Assembly: Held each six weeks to celebrate the accomplishments of students and Mohawk groups and spread the word about upcoming activities. Each assembly ends with the dancing of the Cha Cha Slide!

CHIEFS: A group of Dads and other male role-models who serve Mohawk through community projects, CHIEF Patrol, and a variety of other events.

Class Parties: Room parents plan individual parties for each class for the Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day and end of year picnic.

Clothes Closet: RISD Council of PTA’s clothing donation program.  This is a wonderful program for which you can donate your used clothing or your time to help RISD students in need “shop” in the Clothes Closet for new clothes.  You can sign up to volunteer on the Mohawk website. Remember, donations should be cute, current and clean!

Colt Courier:  PTA E-Newsletter published on a weekly basis and is available online.  If you have an account with our website you will automatically receive the newsletter. Otherwise, contact us at

Curriculum Night: This is usually held during the second week of school on a Thursday night. Parents come to school for a PTA meeting and then get to go to their child’s classroom to learn about expectations and procedures. Plan ahead and get your babysitter lined up, this is a parents-only event.

Doctor’s Note: Parent(s)/Guardians are required to explain the reason for all absences via a signed and dated note. The note must be received within 3 days of the absence. Absences will be coded either excused or unexcused based on the explanation provided by the parent and following district guidelines.

Donuts with Dad: Dads and other male role-models are invited to the school for doughnuts, coffee and juice with their kid(s).  This is typically held on a Friday morning in February.

E-Slot: E-Slot provides a weekly opportunity for students to explore and expand their interests. Each of our classroom teachers have identified topics of study based upon student interests, and throughout the year students will create products and presentations related to these interests. E-Slot also connects the interests to careers!

Field Day: Annual field day held in May. Students are paired with classmates for games and activities. Field day is coordinated by the Mohawk PE teachers.  Each grade is assigned a color specific tshirt.  Our PE Teachers will be selling Field Day tshirts prior to the event.

FOCUS:  Parents can access their children’s grades online throughout the year online. Link: Focus Sign In

Homeroom Parents: One for each classroom.  Room parents coordinate with the teachers to meet the needs of the classroom, plan parties, and send emails to parents about volunteer needs for parties, Thursday folders, teacher birthdays, etc. Homeroom Parents also coordinate volunteers to staff games, provide cakes and help at the Carnival.

Hug Zone: This is the area in front of the arrival doors. Please respect this area and allow your children to proceed to their classrooms with their friends. If you need to stay on campus, please sign in through the front office and sticker up in compliance with RISD guidelines.

Invention Convention:  Held in the fall, this district-wide event encourages interested students in all grades to employ a variety of critical thinking skills in the creation of their inventions. 

Kindergarten Round-Up:  Incoming Mohawk kindergartners visit Mohawk in the spring to meet some future classmates and visit a kindergarten classroom and teacher, while mom and/or dad register them for school.

Marquee: You can have your child’s name on the school marquee on their birthday for $5.00. Click on "My Mohawk Profile" to order.

Outdoor Learning Center: The covered picnic tables located by the library doors on the North side of the building.

Open House: Held in March, parents and children are invited to the school to view their student’s work in the both the classroom and in specials.

PACE:  Stands for Physical activity, Academic assistance, Character education, and Enrichment. It is RISD's after school program that encourages students in a variety of quality academic and enrichment activities until 6pm each day. 

Pay Pams: Online service that allows parents to pay for cafeteria accounts and monitor what their children are buying for lunch. For more information, visit

PIN:  Each student has a PIN which they punch in when they want to purchase lunch.

PTA: An important part of Mohawk’s continued success! The PTA is responsible for and/or helps with most of the Mohawk programs and events.  Please sign up to volunteer or donate!

Quest: An enrichment program for identified second grade students, QUEST (Quality Experiences Supporting Talent), will give students an opportunity to demonstrate their gifted behaviors through the development of a portfolio; which, in conjunction with standardized test results, may support future placement in REACH.  All non-REACH students will be tested in first grade to see if they qualify for this academic program.  Quest classes begin in the fall of second grade.

Reading Buddies: 3rd grade students pair up with kindergartners to read together during classroom time.

REACH: REACH addresses the needs of the gifted and talented student by offering a differentiated curriculum focusing on critical thinking, analytical thinking, creativity, and independent learning.

Those students identified as gifted and talented may attend REACH classes beginning in Kindergarten. Primary REACH classes are held in grades 1 through 3, and Intermediate REACH encompasses grades 4 through 6 and is held at Bowie Elementary.

Applications for kindergartners go out in October and qualified students will be tested in January. This application and testing schedule is different for grades 1-6.  Classes are once a week during regular school hours.  Once accepted, the student will no longer need to be tested and will remain in REACH through 6th grade. However, if not accepted, the student is able to retest the following year. 

Red Ribbon Week:  Red Ribbon Week is a national tribute to drug and alcohol awareness, and takes place in the Fall. 

ROBI:  During the fall and spring semesters, ROBI instructors provide extension and enrichment lessons to kindergarten students in their home campus classrooms in order to encourage higher level thinking.

Safety Patrol: Fulfilled by 6th grade students, this patrol helps with morning carpool by opening doors for children being dropped off.

School Supplies: The PTA offers a service to you in the Spring to pre-order school supplies for the start of school. School supplies will NOT be available to purchase at the Back to School Meet and Greet, but supply lists are available on this website. Parents tell us that it is so much more convenient and cost effective to pre-order supplies in the Spring. Save yourself multiple trips to the store and order yours early!  The pre-ordered school supply packs are delivered before school starts directly to your child's classroom.

Sky Ranch: A two night, science-based camp available to 6th grade students in the Fall.  Financial assistance is available on an as-needed basis. 

Specials: Music, P.E. and Art. Students attend Music and P.E. twice a week and Art once a week.

Spirit Day: Every Friday.  Wear your Mustang Spirit Wear or anything red and black to show your Mohawk pride!  

Spirit Wear: Purchase your awesome Mohawk Spirit Wear online starting in August, or at the Back to School Meet and Greet.  Don’t delay! Spirit Wear is available until it runs out! 

Spring Fling: Usually held in the Spring every other year.  The Mohawk PTA holds an auction and party for parents, teachers and staff to raise funds for PTA programs and events. We don’t have it every year, as it is voted on each year as an optional fundraiser. It’s definitely fun, though!

Talent Show:  Students in grades 4-6, participate in a talent show held on the last week of school. Students must audition with the music teachers before becoming a participant in the talent show.  It is informal and fun!

Teacher Appreciation Week:  Held during the first full week in May, families and students show their love and appreciation to our teachers! Each day has a theme such as bring a handwritten note, a favorite snack or flower for your child’s teacher

Thursday Folders:  Every Thursday a manila folder is sent home with your child with important classroom and school-wide information.  Parent volunteers stuff these folders each week and are coordinated by the Room Parents.  There is a link to the Thursday folder information under the "Stay Connected" link in the left bar. Our awesome website!  Visit us here for all things Mohawk PTA.  Join the PTA, sign up to volunteer, provide information for the directory, view the Colt Courier or calendar, purchase spirit wear, yearbooks and school supplies, etc. It is a one-stop-shop for all things PTA!