Thursday Folders

Thursday folders are sent home weekly from your child's teacher. They may include communication from the PTA and school as well as flyers from the district and local area businesses. Your child's teacher may also choose to send completed assignments home in the Thursday folders so be sure to check the contents, sign each week and return it to school on Friday morning.

 Who are "Green" Students?

In an effort to save paper and money, the school identifies the youngest student in your family as the "green" student. Only one flyer per family will be sent home in the "green" student's folder. However, certain forms such as registration papers will be sent home to all students.


Have an item to submit for the Thursday folder? 

Follow these steps!

  • Have the item approved by the Principal and the PTA President
  • Contact the Thursday Folder Chairperson for the number of "green" students and/or all students
  • Make your copies and place them in the cabinet below the Thursday folder boxes and above the appropriate label NO LATER THAN TUESDAY AT 3:00 PM. 
  • Please label the stack to indicate who should get the flyers. For example, "All" or "Green Students only"
  • The weekly folder volunteer will count the class copies on Wednesday morning.

If you cannot make the deadline and your item must go out, you will be asked to count them for each class. The count sheet is located in the front pocket of the crate near the Thursday folder mailboxes in the workroom.


Questions? Contact Maureen Rae